Genetics and Breeding Philosophy

We strive to maintain a high quality breeding program by taking great care in the selection of our sires and females with the focus being on producing profitable, low maintenance cattle. Knowing that the longevity and fertility of the bulls you purchase has a major effect on the cost of each calf sired by that bull we strive to produce, and certainly only sell structurally sound and fertile bulls.

Having established this, we endeavour to produce a consistent line of visually appealing, high performing cattle, with well-balanced EBV's. An integral part of our program is to never select solely on single traits or EBV's, as we believe this could be detrimental to our honest breeding program.

The Glenisa Angus breeding strategy is not complex.
• The animal must be as heavy as possible without sacrificing either structural soundness or fertility. All calves must be born un-assisted to be retained either in the herd or as a sale bull.
• They must have a good temperament and have a smooth coat.

In order to maintain a progressive herd, embryo transfer and Artificial Insemination techniques are used every year at Glenisa Angus. Pictured below are some of our current ET donors at Glenisa.