AI & ET Sires

Jindra Double Vision

An outcross performance powerhouse who is a frame 7.5 bull. Phenotypically, Double Vision is a powerful, wide-based, deep-bodied heavyweight that stands on the most solid feet and legs for a big power bull. With a mature weight of 1,275kg, Double Vision is a profit driver for cattleman that sell by the kg. view full pedigree…
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Sydgen Black Pearl 2006

A standout son of Sydgen Trust… with a little bit more. More carcass and more growth! At 12 months of age, Sydgen Black Pearl weighted in at a health 593kg and at 30 months, 1,065kg. view full pedigree and ebv’s
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S Chisum 6175

Universally known for his ability to sire very docile, thick cattle, with body volume and base width on a huge, sound foot. Chisum will sire extra kg’s, but he will probably best be known for his beautiful daughters, they are bold sprung, big-bodied, broody cows that will keep you in the cows business long term.…
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